Simplified projects

Simply take up translation tasks with a pool of diverse experts, translating over 9 billion task.

Recurring Income

Earn as much as $0.05 per task.
It all depends on your translation speed.

Connect & Collaborate

You can live chat with your other professionals, to get constant support for your tasks.

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Main benefits for people of African descent.

Our ML/AI algorithms have curated over nine (9) billion translation tasks, to be translated in over 2000+ African languages, available in our neural network connections.
  • It's free and easy to use.
  • Teach and train our machine deep learning network.
  • Work conveniently with us from any location in the world.
  • Earn income instantly, with your knowledge of African language.
  • You can cash-out to Paypal or bank account in 53 countries in Africa.
  • Be part of our team building localized content and technology for Africa.
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Why join OBTranslate?

For Africans

Africans living in Africa or migrants / refugees in Europe or Asia, can now take up 9 billion translation tasks and earn $0.05 per task.

Content Moderators

In 1-click, easily outsource to our pool of content moderators for revision of your translation projects.

Machine Learning

Become part of our scientific and language research team within 10-20 years, training our ML/AI algorithms.

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