Our World-class multilingual corpora (NLP), e-learning and neural network platforms.
Developed by the best brains in data science and artificial intelligence.

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Together, academic institutions around the world can join us further collaborative research in a broad range of machine translation, artificial intelligence technologies for African languages.

We are extremely focused on setting up our AI/LAB or Hub across universities, by which OBTranslate experts and scientist will provide digital materials and knowledgebase through our interactive, educational, training and e-learning web-based platform

A very valuable opportunity on hiring pipelines of graduating students for our company, as data scientist, software engineers, mathematicians and African language linguists, as they would demonstrate the highest level of capability.

We will provide a fraction of our dataset for each language; it will be released on OBTranslate public “Creative Commons Attribution” 4.0 license. This way, students can learn how to write their languages and work on their projects, release research and advance their careers, while at the same time citing the dataset we have provided.

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