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234+ trillion Dataset

Take up translation tasks in your languages, and lets break language barrier together.


Work and earn as much as $0.05 or more per task or project.


You can cash-out to your Paypal or local bank account through our payment merchants.

Trusted by thousands of professionals
across 91+ countries


  • Earn $0.05 Per Task
  • 500
  • Corpora

  • Earn $0.05 Per Task
  • 2,500
  • Corpora

  • Earn $0.75 Per Task
  • 2,000
  • Corpora

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our goal is to break the barrier of communication between people in Africa and the rest of the world.

Yes, anybody on planet earth or other planet, If Europeans can translate from English or other European or Asian languages to African languages, they are welcome to OBTranslate.

OBTranslate is always going to be free for users on free package, however we have basic and enterprise packages for people that want to take up more translation projects, while translating languages in pair and improving our deep machine learning and neural networks. We created OBTranslate with an innovative business model to guarantee that the tool is sustainable to pay everyone whose translations are very accurate.
With OBTranslate, you can take up translation projects and earn revenue instantly, you also have the option to outsource the translation to other translators in our community.

Over 243+ trillion tasks.

OBTranslate generate revenue for translators and researchers through our membership plan, Ad networks, franchise and translation projects outsourcing. Period!.

No, we won't sell your data to advertisers.

Only the person who has created a translation project has access to it (the “owner”) and its content will not be shared with anyone else. There might be suggestions or notifications or messages to you from from other users, but your translation segments will never be public to other users.

Yes. OBTranslate saves the translation projects. You can continue from where you left off.
Meanwhile other translators will be fully active, there are nine (243+) trillion translation task on OBTranslate.

You can request payments for your translation project(s) in the following way:

  1. All translation project has a unique automated generated invoice, just click your "request payment button". We will effect payment as soon as our language moderators, verifiers and researchers verify that your translation is correct. Our account department receives your automated generated invoice.

However, at the point of requesting payments, in order to generate an automated invoice for your project, OBTranslate will demand that you upgrade your account, your personal information (e.g full names, email address, telephone number and address) must be the same with your bank account or PayPal account. It is forbidden to use OBTranslate with fake information, your account will be terminated.

Yes, it must be the same. It is absolutely forbidden to use OBTranslate with fake information, your account will be terminated.

The first week of a new month.

NOTE: All payment request invoice must reach our account department on the 1st of every new month.

Get 20% commission at anytime your downliner pay for any OBTranslate services*.

If you love OBTranslate as much as we do, tell your friends and earn some serious cash. Create an account with the *join now* button below, send your referral link to your friends, family, website visitors, whatsapp and facebook groups or twitter, etc.

  1. Your Friends: Get your friends to sign up via your custom referral link.
  2. Credit Bonus: You will get 20% commission at anytime your downliner pay for any OBTranslate services.

Withdrawal Conditions:

You must have a total balance of $50 or more in your wallet / account balance.

OBTranslate uses secret chats use end-to-end encryption. OBTranslate uses a distributed Cloud infrastructure. Cloud chat data is stored in multiple data centres around the globe that are controlled by different legal entities spread across different jurisdictions. You can find our data protection and privacy policies here

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