An online CAT tools and artificial intelligence systems for African & Asian languages, creative human translators & machines.

OBTranslate is a deep learning, artificial intelligence platforms and neural network systems for languages. A registered trademark and patent of its parent company OpenBinacle.

We are building our translation platform on machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analysis. Our goal is to break the barrier of communication between people in rural and urban areas in Africa and Asia continents.

We are identifying translation patterns and tasks which can be performed by our AI and machine deep learning, ranging from: voice recognition and accent, messaging, programming codes, natural languages, education materials, TV subtitles, music and IP geolocation.

We aim at creating an open platform that effectively overcomes the limits of translation today and helps to crack the language barriers.

Our Team

We're a team of programmers, data scientists, physicists, mathematicians, cloud architects and hackers, working together to tackle a single problem with "artificial intelligence and neural machine deep learning." The main contributors of OBTranslate are translators, language researchers, international research center and universities.